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Unitec Virtual Open Day 2020

Video Room Etiquette

Please read and observe the following guidelines when attending sessions.

To make sure all participants get the most out of the Virtual Open Day, it's important that everyone understands the ground rules for video rooms.

Microphone & video

  • Your microphone and video will be muted by default, but most rooms will allow you to switch these on so you can have a more personal interaction with academic and admissions staff during the live Q&A
  • It's important you keep you microphone switch off when you're not speaking to minimise background noise
  • Feel free to keep your video on so that the presenters can see the lovely faces of those joining them.

Agenda & asking questions

  • The specific agenda of each session will change, but in general it will consist of a presentation followed by live Q&A
  • During the presentation, it's best to ask questions via the chat log. That way the presenter can answer them when it suits them best.
  • Afterwards during the live Q&A session, the presenter will inform you whether or not they'll be taking questions from the chat log or live.
    • For smaller sessions with just a few students, they'll prefer to take questions live to keep it more conversational
    • For larger sessions, presenters will likely prefer to continue taking questions from chat log, however they may ask you to repeat the question
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