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Unitec Open Day 2021

How it works

Read on to find out how to get the most out of the event

Save the dates

Don’t miss your sessions! Virtual events can be easy to forget because we don’t have physical travel as a reminder.

This is a very unique opportunity to gather information and have your questions answered live, so take it seriously and record it in your diary or e-calendar and set a reminder.

Download Zoom

We’ll be using Zoom to power the video calls during our virtual events.

Download the app for PCMacAndroid or iOS in advance so there’s no delay in joining the sessions.

Join, learn and ask questions 

When our virtual events are live, join sessions by clicking the "Join Room" buttons

Video Room Etiquette

Please read and observe the following guidelines when attending sessions.

To make sure all participants get the most out of the event, it's important that everyone understands the ground rules for video rooms.

Microphone & video

  • Your microphone and video will be muted by default, but most rooms will allow you to switch these on so you can have a more personal interaction with academic and support service staff
  • It's important you keep your microphone switch off when you're not speaking to minimise background noise
  • Feel free to keep your video on so that the presenters can see the lovely faces of those joining them.
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